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Do you like to cook? How often do you cook at home? What is your favorite dish? Do you like to cook according to the recipe or you prefer to experiment?
Cooking is everyday procedure. But one people make it because they just need to eat something and other turn it to the ritual full of emotions.
Humanity created millions of recipes of different dishes Ц they base on the traditions, culture, prefers in eating, geographical position and even fashion!
In any book store you can find book of recipes, advises for cookers and so on and so force. On TV cooking shows are also very popular nowadays. They show haw easy and tasty can be dish made only in 30 minutes. There are also shows for professional chiefs.
As I have already told, food has trends the same as cloths, and every year there is a week of food, where most experienced chiefs present their new dishes and public new concepts and trends fashionable.
This year popularity of fish products, like sushi decreased a bit and free space for next trendy products and ways of eating:
1. Gluten-free diets Ц Giving up gluten has gone main stream. Refusing gluten food, people chose healthier way of living. Gluten diet means eating in general rice, buckwheat and corn, instead of wheat, oats, barley and rye.
2. On the second place, we meet street food. At first it was hot dogs, tacos, now food trucks include everything from Korean barbecue to French crepes.
3. The jury is still out on some of the claims about probiotics, but the good bacteria in fermented foods may offer some digestive health benefits. And as health is trendy now, probiotics are also in trend.
4. Growing your own harvest becomes more and more fashionable. Last year saw an 28% increase in gardening for food among 28- to 34-year-olds. Watch for even more young farmers in 2012. Small gardens on the roofs and on balconies captured all the Europe.
5. Meatless is not just the new vegetarian, itТs bigger than that. Meatless Monday has become a movement Ч for personal and planetary health.
Buy, if you like meat and cannot live without fresh bread and prefer ice-cream instead of low fat diary food, do not torment yourself and eat everything you like. Next year fashion will be another and our health will be with us all life. Listen to your stomach and heart!

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Simply choose the area you are looking for to gain access to the finest dishes which will surly impress your friends and family. We have absolutely every kind of food and drink recipe to find a suitable meal for any occasion whether is it Christmas, Easter, an anniversary or you just fancy a change to your daily routine meals.
You can guarantee that your new talent will never go to waste by increasing your cooking knowledge as you will go from novice to expert in creating the finest meals on a daily basis and be able to integrate your own ideas making new dishes based on your favourite foods.
Not only does offer great main course meal recipes, you can also learn how to make the most appealing appetizers to astonish your guests and then top it off with a gorgeous dessert made from scratch. Check out the extensive range of vegetarian foods so you can be prepared in any situation to make a meal to die for. You can even get free recipes on how to make meals and treats for your pets to show your love for them.

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If to take in attention number of cooking books, printed all over the world, it is not possible to point out the most popular collections of recipes. Every country has its own famous cookers and publications that reflect culture in eating.
But it is very difficult to find of the country where recipe was invented and made for the first time. I can say that all dishes that we have for today is a mix of cultures, times and tastes. It is almost impossible to find chief who knows real recipe of any national dish.
If you want to find any recipe, I advise you to look for it in the Internet. Here you can find great amount of collections of recipes: according to the day time Ц breakfast, dinner, supper, lunch; dedicated to some holidays Ц Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday; diet collections Ц dairy free, gluten free, low fat, low sugar; fast recipes for microwaves and toasters, vegetarian, fish or meat recipes, national menu Asian, Greek, German, Chinese, Italian, French and so on.
Also on these sites you can learn about fashion in food, cultures in eating of different corners of a planet, famous cookers and their dishes, histories and many other interesting and useful things about eating.
On the pages of Internet you can also find comments and recommendations of usual people, who tried their abilities in cooking sophisticated dishes.
You even cam create your own collection of recipes. Look for recipes that your mother and grandmother, remember all dishes you have even cooked or your friends made you try, put them in a logical order and you will get exclusive, useful collection of family recipes.
After every cooking you can make small corrections and after all that make out your own recipe of ideal meal.
Or you can make experiments according to your mood and available products.
With the help of Internet you can make some blanks for future holidays and parties, thematic dinners, birthdays and just calm family dinners.
Cooking is a good way to rest with your soul, bring up mood, and develop new talents. If you will cook with your beloved person and do it with love and tender, anyway, your dish will be super tasty, it will have a part of your heart.
I am sure that you will be able to find recipe for your taste and wishes.
Have a sweet tasty life!

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